Add Company Content to Resources

Can I add my own content to the list of topics in the Meetings app?

In SafetyPlusWeb, you can add document content under the Resources tab, which can then be selected as a topic in the Meetings app.

  1. In SafetyPlusWeb, click on the Resources section.
  2. Click on the resource you want to add content. To select as a topic in the Meetings app, you need to select one of the following default types or a company specific type: Job Safety Analysis, LOTO Forms, MSDS / SDS, Toolbox Talks or Training Material.
  3. To add your own content, click on Upload Document in the top right. Locate your document and click Open. Your document file appears on the left side of the screen, which are your Company documents.

    Note: In the Meetings app, you will be able to find the content using these steps.
    1. click Start and then select Use Resources.
    2. Select from the list of available resources.
    3. Select Company.
    4. Select the meeting topic from your content.