Changing a Course Renewal Interval

How to update course expiration intervals in SafetyPlusWeb

The course renewal intervals in SafetyPlusWeb are default expiration renewals meeting OSHA's compliance training standards (when applicable) or set to industry best practice. You may change the renewal intervals if you would like any training requirements to recur more or less frequently for your employees.

  1. From the main navigation menu, hover  over the Admin tab, then Courses, and select Manage.
  2. You will find all SPW courses grouped by category. As you click through the categories you will see the active courses indicated by the blue checkmark in front of the course title.
  3. Click on a course title to open the Edit Course page. Here is where you may change the renewal interval. You may set a course to expire from 1 day to 99 years (no expiration).
  4. Select Update to save your changes

Keep in mind that this is the default time period used to calculate the expiration date moving forward. Updating the renewal period for a course does not automatically change the due dates for courses already completed. SafetyPlusWeb allows for differing renewal dates, such as a driver's medical exam due to their condition or possibly a regulation change with a grandfathered condition. Any changes to due dates must intentionally be made.

To update current records, I recommend pulling a report of these records from the home tab:

  • Home
  • Trainings
  • Current (default)
  • Type the name of the course into the search box at the top of the "Course Title" column
  • Export to Excel

Now that you have a list of completion dates to reference, you will want to re-key these into SafetyPlusWeb using the Wizards tab. As you re-enter these values, the expiration date will now be calculated using the new renewal interval that you set. To track why the course is being re-entered, we recommend using the Training Type "other" and adding "expiration change" as the comment in the other text box.