Completing your SPW CQ Questionnaire

SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ makes completing your contractor submission simple and easy. View your tier, complete your questionnaire, and upload your required documents all within your SPW CQ account.

To access and begin completing your questionnaire, log in to your SPW CQ account. Within the left-side menu, clicking on any item will expand the menu to show additional sections. Each section contains additional details displayed in the middle of the screen. 

Some sections are marked with a red dot that indicates the number of items within that section you have left to complete.

Continue clicking through each menu and subsection to answer your questions and upload any required documents. After you complete a section, always remember to click “Save Answers” at the top right of the page before you move to another section to prevent losing any information that you’ve already entered.

When you "Save Answers" on your last set of questions, you will receive a message stating that your questionnaire is complete and ready to be submitted. Click “Dashboard” on the pop-up message as shown below

Once you click “Dashboard”, you will be redirected to the default homepage where you will see your “Tiers” grid at the top of the page. To the far right of the page next to your tier, click “Submit”.

Clicking "Submit" will open a confirmation page. Click "Submit" again at the bottom of the page to forward your questionnaire for review.