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Platform Organization of SafetyPlusWeb

If I have multiple companies under a parent company, how should I set-up my system? How should I configure SafetyPlusWeb to account for our many locations?

During the initial set-up of your SafetyPlusWeb platform, it is important to first decide how your organization should be set up within SafetyPlusWeb - should everyone be part of one platform or should employees be separated into multiple platforms?

Before making this decision it is helpful to understand the organization of SafetyPlusWeb and how access to SafetyPlusWeb can be controlled and how reporting and analytics are affected. 

Employee Organization

Within SafetyPlusWeb, employee information is organized into four different levels. 




*Categories of Employees used for reporting and analytics.

*Assignments are fluid and can easily be changed.


The “Core” company instance of SafetyPlusWeb where administrative changes can be made

Region Roll-up

A read-only combination of several Platforms

Corporate Roll-up

A read-only Combination of several Regions


Access to SafetyPlusWeb

There are several different ways that your employees can access information within SafetyPlusWeb. 

  • Notifications
    • A SafetyPlusWeb Platform can be configured to send weekly emails containing a link to a live report. The email is sent on Monday, but any time that link is selected, it will display up-to-date information. These reports are sent on the following levels and DO NOT require that the user sign-in to the platform. One person can be configured to receive emails from multiple platforms. 
      • Single Employee’s training and open inspections
      • Supervised Employees training
      • Company Wide DOT requirements
      • Company Wide Training and Open Inspections
    • Refer to this user article for more information on system notifications
  • Employee's Base Level of Access
    • An employee can complete training, and access their personal records, and company-wide files.
    • Using our native app, an employee can also complete audit checklists. 
  • Platform Administrative Users
    • This user can see information about all employees in the platform.
    • Additions and Modifications can ONLY be made at the Platform level.
    • Platform Users can be permissioned by feature (incidents, substance abuse, requirements…) but not by department groupings.
      • Some additional permissions within each feature are also possible.
  • Region or Corporate Users
    • This user can see information about all employees associated with the region/corporate.
    • This user role is view ONLY  and has some limitations regarding what information can be viewed. 
  • Some User Permission Add-Ons
    • Analytics Dashboard: Any user can be granted access to the Advanced Analytics Dashboard. This dashboard includes visuals and tables of various types of company information and CAN include information from more than one platform. 
    • Forms: All employees have access to complete forms through our native app. Additional Forms access can be granted to any user and will allow that user to view all company forms, a table of their submissions, and any form reports that have been generated.   

Reporting and Analytics

It is important to think about your end results. What type of reporting and analytics do you want for your company from SafetyPlusWeb. 

By Platform

  • Table Exports: Each grid within SafetyPlusWeb can be filtered by any of the fields within that grid and then Exported to Excel.
  • Reports: The majority of reports on the reports tab can be filtered by department and can include multiple departments in one report.  
  • OSHA logs: Each SafetyPlusWeb platform includes the ability to generate an OSHA 300 and OSHA 300a log through the Reports tab. These logs can be broken down by department and one 300 log can include multiple departments. 
  • Analytics
    • Each SafetyPlusWeb platform includes basic analytics for training, inspections, and incidents.
    • Specific users can be given access to the Advanced Analytics Dashboard with information in one platform or many.  

By Region/Corporate

  • Table Exports: Each grid within SafetyPlusWeb can be filtered by any of the fields within that grid and then Exported to Excel.
  • Reports: The Region and Corporate roll-up users have access to injury incident reports across all associated companies.
  • Analytics
    • Specific users can be given access to the Advanced Analytics Dashboard with information in one platform or many. 

Structuring SafetyPlusWeb

The table below provides a summary of the pros and cons of each type of SafetyPlusWeb set-up. 



One Platform

Multiple Platforms

with Region and Corporate Roll-up









There is only one platform, so any configuration changes only happen once.



Any corporate-wide configuration changes must be repeated within each platform.  (If there is an admin responsible for each platform, this can be easily managed. )



Department assignments are fluid and employees can easily and quickly be moved from one department grouping to another.



Platforms are distinct. Employees cannot be easily transferred from one platform to another.




User access allows visibility of all employees

User access to other employees’ information can be restricted by platform.



Helpful Questions to Ask Yourself

For each question below, we have recommended the SafetyPlusWeb structure that will meet the company needs on that particular item. For your company, some areas may be better suited for one platform and others for multiple platforms. You will need to consider which items are the most important for your organization. 

  1. Does your company go by more than one name
    1. Yes - Multiple platforms
      1. Multiple platforms will allow for the correct company name and logo to display on any reports or badges pulled directly from SafetyPlusWeb.
    1. No - One platform 
  1. Will SafetyPlusWeb configurations be consistent across the entire organization and be platform(s) controlled by a small number of people? 
    1. Yes - One Platform
      1. Each platform must be configured individually. If the entire organization needs access to the same piece of information (classification, qualification, course, resources), the information must be changed in each platform, one at a time. If the organization is going to be managed the same way, this will be most efficiently completed through one platform.
    2. No - One or Multiple Platforms
      1. If each platform is running independently OR if each platform has an administrator who is responsible for ensuring the platform is set to corporate standards, then having multiple platforms will be just as efficient as having one platform.
  2. Will administrative users need to enter or modify information for more than one area of the company? 
    1. Yes - One Platform
      1. If one user will need to modify information across multiple areas, this is most efficiently completed through one SafetyPlusWeb platform. If multiple platforms are used, the user will need to have sign-in credentials to each platform.  Region and Corporate users can ONLY view information.
    2. No - One or Many Platforms
  1. Does your company report OSHA logs for multiple locations?
    1. Yes -  One or Multiple Platforms
      1. Within One Platform, OSHA logs can be divided by departments. Each reporting location must be listed as a different department to generate a separate log for each. 
      2. With Multiple platforms, each platform can be used for generating its own OSHA logs. 
    2. No - One platform
      1. If your company reports to OSHA with one log, then all injury incidents must entered to the same SafetyPlusWeb platform.
  2. Do employees frequently move across the organization? 
    1. Yes - One Platform
      1. Employee records can only be migrated from one platform to another by manual data entry. If your employees frequently move around, it is much easier to maintain these changes within one platform.
    2. No - One or Multiple Platforms
  3. Do supervisors often oversee people in different areas of the company? 
    1. Yes - One Platform
      1. To track employee-supervisor relationships in SafetyPlusWeb for reporting and notifications, the supervisor MUST be on the employee list within the same company as the employees that they supervise. If one supervisor has employees in more than one SafetyPlusWeb platform, then that supervising employee will need to have duplicate employee profile(s) in each platform that they oversee employees. This duplication can cause confusion when keying records for the supervisor. 
    1. No - One or Multiple Platforms
7.  Do you want to restrict user access to different groups of employees? 
    1. Yes - Multiple Platforms
      1. Separating into multiple platforms means that each user can only see information for employees within that platform.
    2. No - One Platform
      1. Users can only be restricted by feature set and by various kinds of access to each feature set. We are unable to restrict what other employees a user can see at the time this article was written. When a user has access to a platform, they can view information about all of the employees within that platform. 

Implementation Considerations for Multiple Platforms
If your company chooses to utilize multiple platforms, you will also need to decide if all platforms will be implemented together or if each platform will be implemented separately. If you require multiple implementations, your company may be subject to additional implementation fees. 

Still not Sure? 

Reach out to SafetyPlusWeb support to help make the best decision for you!