Finding Contractor Information

Contractor Overview

Within your SafetyPlusWeb CQ Dashboard, the first gird is a "Contractor's List" providing an overview of all contractors. Type a specific contractor's name into the heading of that column to search for that company. If a contractor is attached to multiple location tiers, each tier will show as different lines in this grid.

Detailed Review

To get a deeper look at a contractor, navigate to the tier section in the left-side menu.

From the tier grid, select the name of the specific tier you which to review. Click the tier name to open the tier.

Here you will find the contractors registered to this tier, along with the contractor status. Click on a contractor's company name to open their review items. 

Grading, Performance Reviews, and Insurance Levels are displayed at the top of the screen.

Questionnaire items requiring review are shown in the middle section "Review Items"

Choose a Review Item Question to see additional Review Summary

The full Questionnaire can be found in the bottom section " Q & A Report"