Activating Email Notifications

How do I activate notifications for my company?

SafetyPlusWeb has various levels of notifications based on different features. For an employee to receive an email notification, an email must be listed in their employee profile. 

  • All weekly notifications are controlled by the company "on/off" switch that can be found under Admin > Company > Manage. Check the box for Receive Weekly Notifications and then click on Update Company. This will send emails to any employee who has an email address in SafetyPlusWeb and training that is not taken, expired, or due to expire in the next 30 days or if they supervise any employees that meet these conditions.
  • Notifications for incidents, exams, meetings, and audits will be sent at the time that the specific item is completed for any employee who has this activated in their employee profile. Go to Admin > Company > Employees > select the Employee > Other. These notifications send for ALL employees of the company.