Completing a Sign-in Sheet using Safety Meetings

How do I use Safety Meetings to complete and log by meeting?

In the SafetyPlusWeb Meetings app, you can select from a wealth of topics to download for your safety meetings. 

  1. Begin the meeting by clicking on Start in the Meetings app
  2. You are provided with two choices for the meeting's mode. To find the available topics, click on Use Resources. To log a meeting without viewing content, choose Manual Mode. For this article, we will assume you chose Use Resources.
  3. The next page presents you with options for different Resource Types. Click on a category to view the topics within that Resource Type.
  4. Once you make a Resource Type selection from Use Resources, you have the option to pick from either the Template or Company category.

    1. Template is the resources provided by SafetyPlusWeb. For instance, Toolbox Talks templates are the most popular with over 350 unique topics and Training Material has over 200 unique topics using OSHA fact sheets and cards. You can also use Search to locate a topic in each Resource category.
    2. Company is where you find the documents you have uploaded into Resources. These documents may be templates you have updated with your logo and information, or they may be unique documents you have added to the resource category.
  5. To download the resource file, click on the eye icon and follow the instructions to open the file.
    Note: If you click on the name, then the topic is added to your Meetings report.
  6. Once you download the topic and review the content with your team continue through the Safety Meeting to  complete the report for SafetyPlusWeb by clicking on the name of the course. 
  7. Ensure the date of the meeting is accurate and select the presenter form the drop down list of all employees. Capture the presenter's signature in the signature box that pops-up.
  8. Select Next
  9. To filter the list of Employees/Trainees down accordingly, you may select a
    Department or Supervisor and the system will only show those Employees in the
    ensuing dropdown.
    1. If you do not wish to filter, you can see the full employee roster under
  10.  Pass the phone or tablet to everyone in attendance and have them follow these steps:
    1. Click the Trainees Dropdown, search and select their own name
    2. Sign or initial in the touch pad that appears and click Add Trainee
    3. Pass the phone or tablet to the next person and have them do the same
  11.  Once the final employee has added his/her name and signed/initialed, click Next
  12. If you wish to take and upload a picture of any content reviewed or the group in attendance, click Upload File and your camera will open. Once complete (or if you don’t wish to take a picture), click Next.
  13. Add any Notes you may wish to include, click Next
  14. Review what you are about to submit, click Next
  15. Select Submit and Email Report
    a. Note: this report will automatically save in your SafetyPlusWeb account but you may enter any additional emails you would like to receive the report. The system may automatically email the report if this feature has been set up by your administrator.

    Congratulations- Your Safety Meeting is complete!