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Managing Company Details

How do I edit my company information?

To edit your company details in SafetyPlusWeb, you must be an Admin user with access to the Admin tab as follows:

  1. From the main navigation menu, hover over Admin, then Company, and choose Manage.

  2. The Details, Contact, and Address tabs are available to update your company information.

    Note: If the name of your company has changed, please contact SafetyPlusWeb support.
  3. You can update the following information by tab:
    1. Details
      -- Add/Remove Logo (The size of the logo must be exactly 100 pixels by 300 pixels.)
      --Industry Description
      -- SIC Code
      -- NAICS
      -- Group
      -- Comments
      -- DOT Number
      -- Receive Weekly Notifications
      -- Show expire date on cards
      -- Show hire date on cards
      --Show Department on Labels
      -- Allow access to documents from QR code
    2. Contact
      -- Phone
      -- Fax
      -- Contact 1
      -- Email
      -- Contact 2
      -- Email
    3. Address
      -- Address 1
      -- Address 2
      -- City
      -- State
      -- Zip
      -- Timezone
  4. When you have completed all your changes, click on Update Company in the bottom right of the screen to save the information.