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Changing an Employee's Photo

How do I upload employee photos?

In SafetyPlusWeb, you can add or change a photo for an employee. The availability of an employee photo allows you to quickly confirm the name of the employee with the image. 

Note: Photos can only be added to existing employees. For new employees, first create and save the record and then you can add the photo.

      1. From the main navigation menu, hover over Admin, then over Company, and then select Employees.

    1. The list of employees appears under the Details tab. Use the search or sort to locate the employee you want to update their photo. Click on the name.
    2. The employee Details screen opens. Click on Upload Employee Photo to replace or update the current image.
    3. Locate and select the photo to upload and then click on Open.
    4. The employee image uploads into SafetyPlusWeb and Done appears on the right side of the screen.

      Note: SafetyPlusWeb automatically adjusts the uploaded picture to the size of the space available.
    5. When changes are completed, click on Save in the bottom right of the screen.