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Interpreting a Contractor's Tier Status

Each contractor's connection to a Corporate Owner Operator site is made through a tier. Each one of these tier connections will have a status.

A Contractor's Tier Status will be Pending, Completed, Conditional, or Failed.

  • Pending (Gray) 

    This indicates contractors who have not completed their Q and A items and/or the review of the Q and A items has not yet been completed.

  • Completed (Green)
    This indicates contractors who have submitted all Q and A items, all items have been reviewed, and all items are compliant with the Corporate Owner Operator's requirements. 
  • Conditional (Gold)
    This indicates a contractor who is “approved with conditions”. In this status, the contractor has at least 1 Q&A item that did not meet the standards but is allowed on site with this conditional approval.
  • Failed (Red)
    This indicates a contractor who has at least one required Q and A item that is not compliant and has no variance approval. This contractor is not approved to work within that Site/Tier.