Meetings App Trainee Signature

Is there a way to skip the employee signature in the Meetings app?

In the SafetyPlusWeb Meeting app, the signature field is a required field when adding a trainee;  however, you can choose to just make any mark in the field to complete adding the trainee.

Instead of having your employees sign the signature field in the Meeting app, you could elect to upload a sign-in roster and/or an image of the participants.

To quickly add a trainee without their signature, follow these steps:

  1. When you are ready to add your participants in the Meetings app, use the dropdown menu to locate and select the trainee's name.
  2. In the signature field just make any type of mark in the field, such as a dash or instead of a signature you might have the employee's initials.
  3. Click Add Trainee. Repeat the process until all participants are added.
  4. Click Next and then click Upload if you want to add a signed roster or an image of the participants.
  5. Complete the meeting and click Submit and Email Report.