SafetyPlusWeb Update 2022/09 - 2

System Settings/Functions

  • Company Name Changes: The SuperAdmin permissions given to the support team have been adjusted to allow us to respond to your requests for name changes more quickly! 
  • Notifications: We have updated additional notification methods to comply with current server configurations.

Employee Tracking

  • QuickPass Update: Employees who are registered through QuickPass will no longer be assigned an Internal ID. This allows these employees to be easily identified prior to running an HRSync update.  

Course Requirements

  • Training Date Validations: A validation has been added to ensure that the expiration date of a training course falls after the passed date of that course. 
  • Classification/Qualification Update: Validations have been added to classification/qualification manage to ensure that a name has been entered. This prevents null fields within the system that can lock up the employee edit details page. 
  • Training Documents: A defect with navigating the Employee Details tabs that prevented the user from viewing files attached to training after viewing inspections was identified and corrected.


  • Task Title and Department: When scheduling a task, you are now limited to 256 Characters for the title and 3000 characters for the description. This change is to be consistent with other task-creation methods and reporting. 

Incident Management

  • Injury Body Part Additions: "Eyes - Both", "Shin - Right", and "Shin - Left" have been added to the body part dropdown list in injury incidents. 
  • Incident Entry Update: A defect with long text fields that caused an error to appear when certain special characters were used has been identified and corrected.


  • Employees >Department: This report has updated formatting and new columns for employee status and supervisor.
  • DOT > Status: This report has updated formatting.
  • DOT > Status: This report has updated formatting.
  • Incidents > Vehicle Incidents: This report now includes the ability to select multiple supervisors from the parameters on the left. Additionally, the "Any Supervisor" option has been added to account for employees who are no longer active supervisors. 
  • Vehicle Incidents > Supervisor: This report has been removed. This same information can be found under Reports > Incidents > Vehicle Incidents.