SafetyPlusWeb Update 2022/10

System Settings/Functions

  • Resource Types: Validations have been added to prevent a user from adding duplicate resource type names.
  • Company-Specific Vehicle List: Validations have been added to prevent a user from adding a duplicate vehicle description.
  • Man Hours: The filter on the month field within both the company and department Man Hours has been changed to reflect the month's name instead of the month's number.


Vehicle Audits are here! 
  • Audit WebApp will now allow you to mark an Audit as a 'Vehicle Audit". To activate this feature, navigate from the Audits Menu > Company > Choose the name of the Audit > Select the Pencil icon on the right to edit > Check the box for Vehicle Audit > Save.
  • When completing an audit that is designated as a vehicle audit, the user will be prompted to select a specific vehicle in the pre-audit questions. This list of vehicles is populated from the Admin portion of SafetyPlusWeb under Company Specifics > Vehicles. 
  • The vehicle selected will be included in the Audit Report.
  •  The vehicle selected will be included in the Audit Report email notification
  • The Vehicle field has been added to several locations throughout the Admin portal 
    • Home> Audits grid
    • Home> Inspections items grid
    • Reports > Inspections by Item
      • Tasks Created from Vehicle Inspection Item

    • Wizard > Inspection Item

Incident Management

  • Chemical Exposure Tracking: "Chemical Incident" is now available for selection as a result in the Injury Wizard.
  • No Injury Tracking: "No Injury" is now available for selection as a Body Part, Injury Cause, and Injury Type win the Injury Wizard.
  • Logo on Emailed Incident Reports: A defect with the Incident Report sent following an incident submission that caused no logo or an incorrect logo to be displayed on the report was identified and corrected.
  • Incident Specifics Field Size: The number of allowed characters in response to an Injury Incident Specific has been increased to 500.

Safety Meetings

  • Meeting Reports Update: A defect with Meetings Summary Reports, for meetings that were created by a user who has since been removed from the system, that prevented the reports from downloading was identified and corrected.


  • Logo on Training Certificates: The company's Logo will now appear in the bottom left corner of the SafetyPlusWeb training certificates above the software logo. 
  • Other Incidents Update: This report has been moved under the Incidents section and updated with current formatting. 
  • Training Completed Extended Update: This report now has the option to include expired training or not. By default, this report will include expired training. To remove expired training select "All, Current Only" from the bottom of the parameters list on the left side. 
  • Training Due Updates: Some report titles were updated to be more consistent across the training due group.