SafetyPlusWeb Update 2022/11


  • Multiple Device Lock-up: A defect within Audits that prevented the user from completing an audit from multiple devices or browsers within a certain time window was identified and corrected. A user can now start an audit on one device/browser and then switch devices shortly after with no interruption.
  • Native App Audit Completion Notifications: The responsible party chosen on an audit completed through the Mobile App will now be notified via email of that audit report.
  • Backdating Audits: A defect within Audits that prevented notifications to be sent when a user was backdating the audit submission was identified and corrected. Notifications are now sent based on the date the audit is submitted and not the date entered as the audit completion date. 
  • Responsible Party Verbiage Update: The Audit Draft Preview screen has been updated utilizing the current verbiage of the responsible party (replacing supervisor).