SafetyPlusWeb Update 2023/02

System Settings/Functions

  • Safety Plus Rebrand! We are excited to share the new Safety Plus logo throughout SafetyPlusWeb. 
  • Company Specific Vehicle List: A bug has been addressed that prevented company vehicle changes from being saved on Admin > Company > Specifics > Vehicles. This issue occurred when a new vehicle was added and then modified prior to a page refresh and will no longer occur.

Employee Tracking

  • Future Hire Date: To allow administrators to work ahead and enter employee information into SafetyPlusWeb in preparation for an employee's start date, users are now able to enter a future date as the Hire Date for an employee.  

Course Requirements

  • Training Wizard Summary Update: The final summary page of the training wizard will now include a full summary of all files attached to training records through this wizard entry.
  • Adding Classification/Qualification Update: The user is now able to save a new classification or qualification immediately after typing the new field name (without having to tab or click out of the description text box).  

Incident Management

  • Injury Incidents: New Injury Types
    • New Injury Types have been added for "Effects of Cold/Freeze" and "Effects of Heat/Hot"
  • Vehicle Incidents: Add New Company Vehicles
    • When submitting a Vehicle Incident report through the Wizard, users are now able to add more than one company vehicle to a single incident record right within the Wizard!


  • OSHA 300 Forms (both Company and No Incident): Two spelling errors in the text at the bottom of these pages have been corrected. Additionally, the page number values are again being populated.


  • New API Sync Fields: "spwActiveSupervisorEmails" & "spwActiveEmployeeEmails"
    • We have added these two new sync fields so that Forms users can now pull a list of Active Employees with their email addresses or a list of Active Supervisors with their email addresses.