SafetyPlusWeb Update 2022/08 - 2

System Settings/Functions

  • Safari Update: Specifically for users in Safari, the Home section grid formatting was updated to expand and fill the full page.
  • Notifications: We have updated our database notification methods to comply with current server configurations.

Employee Tracking

  • Inspectors Update: A defect with updating an employee's ID who is marked as inspector that caused the employee to be added to the inspectors list again was identified and corrected. The exiting inspector record will now be updated with the new employee ID. 

Course Requirements

  • Training Documentation Upload: Additional validations have been added so that a user cannot submit a training unless all documentation has been fully uploaded. This ensures the documents are attached to the correct training record and that the record gets fully processed.  
  • Training Documentation Review: A defect within a previous document retrieval process update that caused an incorrect file to be associated with a training record was identified and corrected.


  • Uploading Multiple Documents Update: The resource tab document upload window has been updated for a better user experience when uploading a large batch of files at one time. The user can now scroll down to review all files uploaded. 

Safety Meetings

  • Meeting Date Formatting Update:  The text color within certain Meetings selection boxes has been modified for easier user readability. 


  • Active Grid Filters: Filtering capabilities have been enhanced to allow for applying multiple filters at once. 
  • Scheduled Tasks Timing: A defect with scheduling a task to show more than 3 days in advance, which prevented the active task from being created, was identified and corrected.


  • Audit Formatting Update:  The text color within Audits drop-down selection boxes has been modified for easier user readability. 
  • Inspections Items Grid: Improved sorting capabilities have been added back to this grid under the Home section.


  • Employees > by Supervisor: This report has been updated to current formatting, given an additional parameter for Employee Status, and given additional columns for Employee Status and Supervisor.
  • Inspection Report: The inspection report on the Reports tab will now include images taken from the Mobile App. Additionally, a defect within the report that added an extra, blank page to the report under certain circumstances was identified and corrected. 

  • Incidents > Vehicle Incidents by Date: This report has been moved under the "Incident" section, updated to current formatting, given an additional parameter for Supervisor, and given additional columns for Supervisor and Department.


  • Field Sync: A defect in the ability to sync information from SafetyPlusWeb into a form was identified and corrected. This was caused by certain element types used within forms. Forms will again sync all fields as expected.