System Navigation: CQ Site, Site Admin, & Corporate Head Users

Navigating SafetyPlusWeb CQ as a Site User, Site Admin, and Corporate Head

As a Site, Site Admin, or Corporate Head user in SafetyPlusWeb CQ, you are able to review your contractors’ historical safety records, insurance metrics, current safety policies and more.

Screen Color Theme Preferences

Within your SafetyPlusWeb CQ account, you can filter between light and dark screen modes by clicking "Light theme" at the top right of the page as shown below


Left-Side Main Menu

You can collapse or pop-out your Dashboard menu by clicking your company name in the top left corner of the screen.

Contacting Support

You are able to contact us for support within your CQ account by clicking the blue question mark icon at the top right of the page. This will allow you to send a message to our contractor support team.

Show All

Checking the "Show All" box at the top left of the page will allow you to see all contractors set up for your organization even if they are not registered under your specific site/tier. Please note, the "Show All" option will only populate for Site and Admin Site Users. Corporate Head Users will automatically be able to see all contractors registered for their organization as a whole.


When you have completed using your CQ account, remember to sign out of your account by clicking the power button in the top right corner


Clicking on the "SPW FORMS" button will open a new browser window to additional resources. These resources will be specific to your Corporate Owner Operator's account settings and could include options to invite new contractors, link an existing contractor to another site, request a new user, access analytics, and more.

Grid Customizations

Customize the layout of your "Tiers" and "Expiring/Expired Items" table to filter which columns you want to see


The dashboard allows you to see a table that contains all the contractors registered with your company and a table for "Expiring Items" for all your contractors.


Selecting "Tiers" from the left-side menu allows you to view a list of tiers. The red dots in the "Count" column next to each tier lets you know how many contractors within that tier have submitted items that are pending review completion. 

Clicking on each tier name, will let you view all contractors registered under that tier.

Clicking the blue "Actions" button will open a menu that contains options based on your user level. As a Site User only, you will have access to "View Answers". As a Site Admin or Corporate Head User, you will have access to Modify Status, Reset Status, and View Answers. Please note, the "Reset Status" option will only be accessible for contractor accounts with a "Failed" status. Otherwise, that option will be grayed out.


The "Export" button located in the bottom left corners of the "Tier Contractors" list and "Expiring/Expired Items" tables will allow you to export the data from those tables into an excel spreadsheet.