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Tasks with SafetyPlusWeb

How can I assign something to an employee to complete? How does an employee know when they need to complete an audit/corrective actions/form?

Create, schedule, and assign singular and recurring safety tasks to any employee. Common safety task assignments could include:   


  • Corrective and Preventative Action Items (CAPA)      
  • OSHA Log Completion
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Regular Audits & Inspections
  • Quality Assurance Audits
  • Daily Field Task Assignments
  • Identified Hazard Mitigation Follow Through



Active Tasks Active tasks are those that an employee can begin working on and, therefore, appear on the employee’s Landing Page Task List. A task is considered active under the following conditions:

  1. By Due Date: Any task that is due on or before the current date is Active.
  2. By Show Task calculation: Any task that is in the time window set by the number of days to “Show Task” before a task’s due date is Active.

Review the “Creating a Task” section below for an example “Show task” calculation.

Task Fields

Name of Field

Type of Field




Drop-Down Menu


No Task Assigned

Not Started

In Progress




No Matter the status, any task that is past due will show with a red flag


This field will only show for Active Tasks.



Open Text Field

Provide a title for the task in 256 characters or less


Task Type


Drop-Down Menu

     Incident Injury*

     Incident Vehicle*

     Incident Other*


Additional Company Specific Items Can Be Added

When creating a task from an Incident or Injury, the task type will automatically be assigned and will show on the tasks grid with an icon.



Drop-Down Menu

Select One Person from the active employee roster

This person is responsible for the completion of the task. The task will show in the Assignee’s Landing Page.


Select Multiple Items

Choose additional employees from the active company roster to be notified of task changes



Due Date


Date Selector

The employee should Complete the Task On or Before the chosen Due Date


Show Task


Number Selector

Choose how many days in advance a task will show on the employee’s Task “To-Do” list.

Base this value on how long the employee should take to complete the task.



Choose how often a task should repeat.
Only available for Scheduled Tasks.



Large Text Field

Provide any directions for employees regarding how to complete this task in 3,000 characters or less



Historical Log of Text Entries

Keep track of task progress by logging updates along the way


*When Creating a Task from an Incident or Inspection, additional fields from the source event will be included. These items cannot be modified in the task. Any changes must be made in the source event.

     Injury Incidents Include Area, Location, and Injury Description

     Vehicle Incidents Include Vehicles and Vehicle Incident Description

     Other Incidents Include Location, Damage, and Incident Description

     Inspections Include Area, RAC, and Inspection Description



Active Tasks: Home > Tasks > Active Tasks

This task grid displays any active tasks for employees.



Scheduled Tasks: Home > Tasks > Scheduled Tasks

The Scheduled Tasks Grid shows any task that has been configured for a future date. These tasks will not show on the employee’s active task list yet. The calendar icon in the Recurrence Column depicts which tasks will repeat and at what interval.



Task Shortcut within an Event Grid: Home > Inspections/Injury Incidents/Incidents/Other Incidents

The Flag Icon sends you to a filtered list displaying only that task. If the flag is gray, then a task has not yet been created and clicking the icon will take you to the task creation window.



Each Task is assigned a Task Type. By default, event related tasks have a task type of the specific source event: inspection, injury incident, vehicle incident, or other incident. There is also a default “Other” option. Additional company-specific task types can be created and managed from the Admin Tab.

Task Types: Admin > Company Specifics > Task Types

Create a new Task Type using the button toward the top left. Enter the name of the company specific Task Type in the text box that appears (2nd image below) and then click the check mark to save. Use the pencil icon on the left to edit or the “x” on the left to delete an existing task type.



From a Tasks Grid: Look for the “New Task” button on either the Active Tasks Grid or the Scheduled Tasks Grid.


From an Event Grid: (Inspection, Injury Incident, Vehicle Incident, or Other Incident) Look for the Gray Flag

Several fields will populate from the source event.

Inspections Include Area, RAC, and Inspection Description

Injury Incidents Include Area, Location, and Injury Description

Vehicle Incidents Include Vehicles and Vehicle Incident Description

Other Incidents Include Location, Damage, and Incident Description


Click New Task or the Gray Flag, and then use the Scheduler Window to enter the task details.9

     Review the Task Fields table starting on page 1 for a

     description of each field.

     Once all details have been entered,

     make sure to click the “Save” button.


Due Date and Show Task Calculations: An active task is one that will immediately show on the employee’s task to-do list. Use the “show task” calculation to determine how many days in advance of the due date that the task will show as active for the employee.

For example: An employee has an audit that they work on throughout the week, adding a bit of information each day. The audit is due on Friday but the employee can work on the audit for 4 days leading up to the due date so you enter “4” as the “Show task” value.








Shows the task four days in advance



Shows the task three days in advance



Shows the task two days in advance



Shows the task one day in advance




Recurrence: Set the first task’s due date using the Due Date field. Then use the drop-down recurrence menu to schedule additional tasks that are completed on a regular basis.


Scheduled Tasks generate new active tasks every 30 minutes based off of the Due Date and Show Tasks calculation. This may cause a delay from when you schedule the task until you see an active task.



Find your task in one of the locations described in the earlier section “Where to Find Tasks”.

Filter the task lists using the settings in each column heading or using the buttons above the columns.

               Active Tasks Pointers:

  • The “All Assignees” column includes a drop-down menu. This drop-down only includes employees that have tasks assigned to them.
  • The “Filter Recipients” button allows you to double check which tasks send additional notifications to a certain employee.

Once located, click the Pencil icon on the left to edit the active or scheduled task.


Use the Edit Pop-Up Window to update any fields. Click “Save” once complete.

Notes: Log notes about the progress of this task using the text box and click “Post Note”. Any previous notes that have been posted will show within the large Notes field. Notes can also be entered through the assigned Employee’s Landing Page


Documents: Attach files using the “Select Files” button or drag and drop the file into the box on the right.


Event specific tasks have fields that pull from the source event and cannot be edited in the task. To update the source event, click the link in the top right of the source event.





A task can be assigned to any active employee within SafetyPlusWeb. Once a task is assigned to an employee they can view their tasks by logging in to their landing page.

  • Once signed into the Landing Page, Click the menu in the top right and select Tasks.
  • The Task List shows all Active Tasks assigned to that employee and are divided into Open Tasks and Completed Tasks

  • To Review and Update a task, click on that task.

  • Once the task window shown above opens, the employee can (1) change the status, (2) Review reference or instructional documentation, or (3) add a note. Status changes save automatically but notes are not logged until the “Add Note” button is selected.

  • Previous notes can be viewed below the Add notes field.



SafetyPlusWeb Tasks will send notifications for the following events to the “Assignee” and all other “Recipients”.

  • When a task is created

  • When a task is edited by an Admin user