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Inspections Overview

How to Create and Manage Inspections

In SafetyPlusWeb, inspections are records of observations made on site and often require corrective action, although they can also be a record of no observable issues during a walk-through. Inspection items may originate from an audit checklist or they can be created as a single record from the Wizards tab. Watch the video to see how to create and manage inspection items in SafetyPlusWeb.



If you are looking for a more specific topic, skip ahead to the time listed below:

  • Introduction - 0:00
  • Create Inspection - 1:28
  • View Inspections - 4:17
    • By Supervisors - 4:39
  • Edit Inspection Record - 5:18
  • Delete Inspection Record - 5:57
  • Inspection Reporting - 6:24